By – Aditi Gupta

Shahrukh Khan, a prominent actor from Bollywood, has been hospitalized to the hospital. The actor was taken to Ahmedabad’s KD Hospital on Wednesday afternoon. He traveled in Ahmedabad yesterday, or on Tuesday, for an IPL match, and as a result, he became dehydrated, according to media reports. He was admitted to KD Hospital as his condition deteriorated. He received treatment, nevertheless, and was eventually released.

King Khan went at Narendra Modi Stadium on May 21 to witness the Kolkata Knight Riders play. King Khan’s team progressed to the finals by beating Sunrisers Hyderabad in this game. He arrived at an Ahmedabad hotel following the game.

Shahrukh’s health abruptly deteriorated the next day, on May 22, according to media reports. He then went to KD Hospital for treatment. If the accounts’ claims are accurate, the doctors released him following first aid. The actor has been told to take some time off, though.

“Actor Shahrukh Khan was admitted to KD Hospital after suffering from heatstroke,” stated Ahmedabad (Rural) Superintendent of Police Om Prakash Jat. The actor, with his daughter Suhana, son Abram Khan, and actress Ananya Pandey, traveled to witness this IPL match. He was additionally seen meeting the players on the pitch after winning the game. His face sparkled with pride that his team had made it to the final.

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