By – Aditi Gupta

According to the Kyrgyz Foreign Ministry, law enforcement acted swiftly to arrest individuals who were involved in the incident, comprising both foreign nationals and Kyrgyz citizens. Everything is under control. There are no reports of foreign national injury from the violence.

In Kyrgyzstan’s capital, there is an attack on foreign students. India raised the alarm about this and advised its students to take caution. In addition, students were urged to stay inside on Saturday by the Indian Embassy in Kyrgyzstan. Remarkable is the fact that 14,500 Indian students call Kyrgyzstan home.

Addressing the event, the Kyrgyz Foreign Ministry stated that law enforcement acted quickly to place both Kyrgyz and foreign nationals involved in detention. Everything is under control. There have been no allegations of foreign national injuries from the violence.

We are in touch with our kids, the Indian Embassy in Kyrgyzstan tweeted during the day. Everything is under control. In spite of this, students are urged to remain inside for the time being out of prudence. In case of an emergency, get in touch with the Embassy. 0555710041 is our number for 24 hour support. S Jaishankar, the foreign minister, shared a note from the embassy. He remarked that an inquiry is being made on the well-being of Indian students in Bishkek.

In addition, Pakistan has told its students to stay in, much like India has done. The Pakistani mission reports that there have have been attacks on some of the Bishkek medical universities’ dorms, which house students from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India. According to the Pakistani Embassy’s advice, an argument broke out between Egyptian and Kyrgyz students on May 13. Through social media, the video is becoming viral. The video inflamed the dispute even further. Shehbaz Sharif, the prime minister of Pakistan, has voiced grave worry over the situation in Bishkek. He has given the ambassador stationed in Bishkek instructions to give the students no matter support and assistance they require.

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