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Bengaluru CEO Suchana Seth reportedly murders son: The Goa police suspect that the accused may have given the boy a high quantity of the syrups.

Suchana Seth, the CEO of a Bengaluru-based firm who reportedly murdered her son in Goa, may have plotted the crime, according to Goa police. They discovered two cough syrup bottles inside the room where the murder occurred, which were reportedly used to knock the victim out.

Most cough syrups contain sleep-inducing ingredients. According to PTI, the accused may have given the victim a large dosage of the syrups before suffocating him with a pillow or cloth.

They said that the victim couldn’t raise an alarm or make a noise since he was drunk from the medications.

Suchana Seth is accused of murdering her son in an apartment in Candolim, Goa. She later attempted to flee to Karnataka by packing the body inside a bag. She was detained in Chitradurga after her taxi driver transported her to a local police station after being notified by the Goa police.

A postmortem examination found that the four-year-old victim was suffocated to death.

According to a senior police official, they discovered one large and one little cough syrup bottle, both of which were completely empty.

The youngster had not resisted at all while being covered with a cloth pillow, according to the postmortem assessment.

The authorities are looking into the likelihood that Suchana Seth gave him a high dose of the sleep-inducing syrups before suffocating him to death.

The discovery of the bottles further implies that she may have plotted the murder ahead of time, according to the police.

According to the apartment’s service workers, the woman brought the larger bottle with her. She, on the other hand, asked the staff to get her a little bottle of cough medicine, stating she had a cough.

“It looked to be an intentional murder,” one official informed the agency.

The detained woman claims the boy was already dead when she got up and has denied any role in the murder.

Her allegation has not been accepted by the authorities, who are now looking into the murder case more.

On January 6th, Suchana Seth moved into the apartment and remained there till January 8th.

The child’s father, Venkat Raman, who is not friendly with Seth, was in Indonesia when the murder occurred.

Why is it said that Suchana Seth killed her son ?

The accused was not thrilled with a recent court ruling that allowed her husband to spend time with the victim on the weekends, according to Nidhin Valsan, the North Goa SP, who made this announcement on Wednesday.

A woman requested a transport to Bengaluru from the hotel personnel. When the hotel workers went to clean the room after check-out, they discovered reddish-brown streaks, which they took to be blood. The employees notified the police right away.]

The police later called the cab driver and told him to go to the local police station. When she arrived, she was arrested.

According to her LinkedIn page, she is an artificial intelligence expert.

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