Written & Edited By : Aditi Mishra

24 August 2023 ( New Delhi ) : The 23rd of August will never be forgotten Successful lunar South Pole landing of the Chandrayaan-3 mission. Everyone, including Bollywood stars, praised ISRO and expressed gratitude to the scientists for making Indians proud. Ranveer Singh was seen in the meantime visiting a Bandra dubbing studio. He didn’t respond when his parents told him about Chandrayaan-3. On social media, the actor’s video is currently becoming viral. The internet community, however, didn’t take kindly to this and criticized the actor in the comment section. According to one of them, “aise hi bewakuf actors ko India me hype milti hai.”

Shameful, the second one exclaimed. And they are heroes in our eyes. Our scientist is the real hero. The third person remarked, “Lol go to scientists brother, you have come to the wrong place.” The fourth one declared that “Scientists are real heroes, not these attitude heroes who do not have value and courtesy.” Itni bdi bat ka bhi koi response nhi diya, the fifth one exclaimed. We have the same norms, then. My dear kro baba baba.

According to the sixth, “Shameless no reaction to such a big achievement.” The seventh one uttered the following: “Baba ko is se matlab nahi hai, unko tho unki movie success hona. usse unko matlab hai.” The seventh one spoke the phrase “Isko kyon Khushi hogi isko thodi Na Jana hai Chand per.” Later, Ranveer posted a picture of Chandrayaan-3 flying the Indian flag above the moon on Instagram. With Chandrayaan-1 launched in 2009 and Chandrayaan-2 launched on July 22, 2019, Chandrayaan-3 was the third moon mission launched by India. The Chandrayaan-3’s Vikram Lander has touched down on the moon’s permanently dark side. No other nation has ever accomplished the feat before. On the work front, Shah Rukh Khan will soon be seen in the Atlee-directed film Jawan. On September 7, the movie will be screened in theaters.

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