Written & Edited By : Aditi Mishra

24 August 2023 ( New Delhi ) : According to reports, Alia Bhatt has departed the next Ramayana adaption directed by Nitesh Tiwari. A trio of actors—Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, and ‘KGF’ actor Yash—were chosen for the movie’s lead parts. According to a pinkvilla source, Alia was unable to participate in the film because to schedule complications.She was in talks to play Sita, but her real-life spouse Ranbir Kapoor would be appearing as Ram in the upcoming movie.

In terms of casting, Alia Bhatt, who was contacted for the film, is no longer involved, although Ranbir Kapoor is still committed to playing Lord Ram. Due to scheduling conflicts, the actress’ negotiations for the role of Goddess Sita were unsuccessful.

The start of the movie’s shoot, per the rumor, is also getting pushed back. The movie’s pre-production work was already in full swing as filming was set to start in December. The production timetable could, however, change slightly right now.

“It makes sense that a monumental work like The Ramayana demands time and intensive pre-production work because every last aspect must be perfected for the screen. Because of this, things are moving more slowly.

Yash is still involved with the initiative, according to the article. Contrary to rumors, the Kannada actor is still actively involved in discussions with the movie’s producers and is not abandoning the endeavor.

“Yash and I have already gone through the look test, and things are going well. Although he hasn’t signed yet, the producers are confident about bringing him on board. It depends on what he prioritizes as Yash is also committed to National Award-winning director Geethu Mohandas for a sizable action thriller. hen asked about the cast of his film in July, Nitesh would neither confirm nor deny that it included Ranbir, Alia, and Yash. Ram will apparently be played by Ranbir Kapoor, albeit there has been no formal confirmation of this. Recent reports state that Yash has undergone several look tests for the role of Ravan.

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