Written & Edited By : Aditi Mishra

9 August 2023 ( New Delhi ) : Mahesh Manjrekar, who was set to direct the Veer Savarkar biopic starring Randeep Hooda, recently revealed why he dropped out of the film. Randeep’s influence, according to the filmmaker, was the reason he decided to leave the picture.Majrekar told a story of an Arab leader who, out of generosity, invited a camel into his tent since the sand from the sandstorm was bothering the animal’s eyes. However, the Arab chief was thrown out of the tent by the camel. Randeep, according to the filmmaker, became the story’s camel.

Randeep Hooda originally impressed Mahesh Manjrekar with his research for the role, according to Mahesh Manjrekar. “I met Randeep and saw that he’s quite sincere and was involved with the subject,” he explained. We had several meetings. He read various books about the freedom movement, World Wars, and so on. It was pretty interesting to me. He heard the first draft read to him.”
He had a couple issues, which was fine. He had (some objections) even during the second draft. ‘If this is what’s going to happen, there will be an issue with the picture,’ I warned him. “He assured me that he would not question anything once the script was locked,” Mahesh recalled.

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