By – Aditi Gupta

A thirty-page question paper in the RO/ARO paper leak case was found on the accused’s mobile device. Seven candidates’ documents that were found in the accused’s possession have been recovered by STF. Charges have begun for eight candidates who traveled to Bhopal to read the paper.

In the case of the RO/ARO test question paper leak by the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission, STF has achieved significant progress. The 30-page question paper that was leaked was found by STF on accused Vishal Dubey’s mobile device. The paper was thrown away by the accused, according to the STF’s inquiry. However, it was recovered.

On Monday, the STF brought all six of the accused—Vishal, Sandeep, Amarjeet, Subhash, Sunil, and Vivek—before the court and jailed them. The accused was captured by the STF on Sunday. Sources claim that during the STF’s interrogation of Vishal Dubey and the other suspects, they disclosed that they sent eight candidates—from various locations—to Bhopal to read the paper.

When they met in Bhopal on February 9 at the appointed setting, they all read the paper in its entirety. The STF team will now accuse each of the eight candidates in light of this finding. They can all be caught by the STF soon.

STF sources claim that the arrested accused further disclosed during inquiry that following the completion of the agreement with candidates

Seven people’s documents have been retrieved from their possession by the STF. While the other candidates are from different cities in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, one of them is from Prayagraj. STF has gathered data to look into each person’s horoscope. According to sources, further believed parties in the case are projected to be arrested soon.

It was also disclosed that Vishal had a long association with printing. It was said that Sandeep and Vishal shared the desire to establish a tutoring facility within the city. They were searching for a location for this as well. However, the STF caught them both beforehand.

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