By – Aditi Gupta

The 52-year-old norm has been altered by the Madhya Pradesh administration. The Ministers and the Chief Minister will now have to pay their own income taxes. The government’s money will not be used for this tax.

The 52-year-old rule has been altered by the Madhya Pradesh administration led by Dr. Mohan Yadav. The state’s ministers and chief minister will soon have to pay income tax on their own earnings. The assistance given by the national treasury up to this point will not be offered anew. In other words, the practice of funding ministers’ salaries by taking money out of people’s wallets has been ended.

Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav chaired over a cabinet meeting in the ministry on Tuesday. In this, the state government’s treasury presented a proposal by Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav to the cabinet to amend the income tax payment regulations pertaining to the wages and allowances of the Chief Minister and other ministers. The ministers beat the table to agree and endorse this plan. The Chief Minister and the minister would now be required to pay income tax on their salaries and allowances when this plan passes, out of their own pockets. The 1972 rule was applied earlier. This covered the collection of taxes on the chief minister’s and ministers’ earnings and perks.

The budget includes Rs 1 crore for the deposit of income taxes for the Chief Minister, Speaker of the House of Commons, Leader of the Opposition, Minister, Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, and Minister of State. Following the assessment of the taxable amount, the department returned this sum after deducting tax on the relevant salary up to this point. In Madhya Pradesh, the chief minister receives a salary as well as perks of about Rs two lakh. Cabinet ministers receive a salary and benefits of Rs 1.70 lakh. Monthly salary for state ministers is Rs 1.45 lakh, while MLAs get Rs 1.10 lakh. Included in this are basic, constituency, hospitality, and daily expenses.

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