By – Aditi Gupta

The in-charge of the Barh police station reported that on Sunday, during Ganga Dussehra, thousands arrived at Umanath Ghat to bathe in the Ganga. The boat unexpectedly capsized on the river.

Unexpectedly, a boat in Patna’s Ganga River flipped. A family on the boat began to drown in the river, totaling 17. Local sailors and swimmers tried to save them right away. Somehow, 13 persons were evacuated. Four family members are being sought after. There was a disturbance in the vicinity following the occurrence. Locals from the vicinity gathered. Once the police received the information, they arrived at the scene and began their investigation. With the assistance of the SDRF team, the police are looking the Ganga River. The missing persons are still being sought after.

Here, the in-charge of the Barh police station confirmed the occurrence and stated that people had gathered at Umanath Ghat on Sunday to celebrate Ganga Dussehra and take a bath in the Ganga. A family’s 17 members began to perish in the river as a result of the boat capsizing. Thirteen of these have been removed. They are doing well right now. The SDRF crew is looking for six people in this rescue mission. Two of these have been saved, while four more remain to be sought after. Awadhesh Prasad, a retired NHAI officer, is also absent from this. It was only a month ago that Awadhesh Prasad retired. whereas his wife has been saved.

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