By – Aditi Gupta

The letter draws up worries about police reprisals and crimes against women in the wake of the elections in Bengal’s Sandeshkhali and other places.

West Bengal’s Sandeshkhali has long been an issue of debate. In the meantime, authorization to visit Sandeshkhali has been asked by the National Commission for Women’s chairperson. She has asked the Election Commission for permission to look into the violence that took place in Sandeshkhali following the Lok Sabha elections. In light of the code of conduct, NCW chairperson Rekha Sharma wrote Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar a letter.

The letter draws attention to worries about police corruption and violence against women in Sandeshkhali and other Bengali regions following the elections. Sharma stressed in the letter that these reports needed to be handled right away. The letter stated that it is essential to keep an eye on and look into issues pertaining to the violation of women’s rights and the non-application of laws meant to protect them. To make it easier for the commission’s staff to visit, he asked to be permitted from the code of conduct.

Let us inform you that violence broke out between BJP and TMC supporters in West Bengal during the seventh phase of the Lok Sabha elections. Following allegations of alleged deviations in the election, violence broke out, resulting in numerous injuries. In response to claims of deviations in the election, TMC and BJP supporters fought at Sandeshkhali, the Basirhat Lok Sabha seat. To keep things under control, police had to use tear gas and sticks. Rekha Patra, a BJP candidate, claims that TMC goons obstructed electors from casting their ballots. TMC further alleged that BJP goons and Patra tried to ruin the mood. On the Basanti Expressway, there was fighting between the parties, and the police seldom intervened.

According to Basirhat Superintendent of Police Hussain Mehedi Rahman, three persons were hurt in a fight at Sandeshkhali’s Bayaramari between TMC and BJP supporters. There has been one arrest. Let me update you that since last night, there was tension in the Barmajur region in Sandeshkhali. Here, the BJP claims that TMC activists and police officers went door to door on Friday night and threatened BJP poll workers.

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