By – Aditi Gupta

The Mumbai Police has foiled an attempt to harm Salman Khan, a movie star. The Navi Mumbai Police has taken 4 members of Lawrence Bishnoi’s gang into custody.

Salman Khan, a Bollywood actor, faces continuous danger. They were planning a plot to attack him again. The Mumbai Police, however, thwarted this endeavour. Four persons are under arrest by Navi Mumbai Police. The Lawrence Bishnoi gang is made up of the four alleged persons who were arrested.

According to Navi Mumbai Police, the suspects were preparing an attack on Salman Khan’s vehicle near Panvel. There was seemingly a plot afoot to attack the automobile with weapons obtained from Pakistan via sources. Thus far, the police have filed a formal complaint (FIR) against 17 individuals, namely Lawrence Bishnoi, Anmol Bishnoi, Goldie Brar, and Sampat Nehra.
Let us inform you that Dhananjay, also known as Ajay Kashyap, Waspi Khan, also known as Wasim Chikna, Rizwan Khan, also known as Javed Khan, and Gaurav Bhatia, also known as Nahvi, are the defendants who were imprisoned.

According to certain media accounts, the accused conducted a reconnaissance of the farm house and many more places. These individuals were given the instruction to open fire on Salman Khan using an AK-47 among other weapons. Several clips were recovered by the police from the accused’s cellphones.

According to the report, Ajay Kashyap revealed during questioning that he had communication with an individual in Pakistan named Doga who deals with buying the M-16, AK-47, and AK-92.

Previously, on April 14, about five in the morning, shots were fired in front of Salman Khan’s Galaxy Apartment in Bandra. 5 shots were fired by the assailants who came on two bikes. Salman was at home when a shooting occurred. Salman’s house had more security placed after the event. Both of the suspects who fired were apprehended two days later. A group led by Lawrence Bishnoi and Goldie Brar threatened to kill Khan.

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