By – Prakarsh Kastwar

An international event on “Spiritual Leadership and Creative Economy” with representatives from BRICS countries was organized by BCMF – BRICS Culture Media Forum in collaboration with the city hall in Grozny, the capital of the Chechen Republic, from April 25 to 27, 2024. Two of the BCMF’s founders, Dr. Jaan Nissar Lone and Ph.D. Sergey Dvoryanov, collaborated to propose and develop the forum’s concept. It was during Russia’s BRICS presidency that year that they recognized the Chechen Republic’s immense spiritual potential for carrying out a project of this magnitude.During the inaugural speech, BCMF Global President Dr. Jean Nissard mentioned that Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, and Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of the Chechen Republic, are two modern politicians who have strong spiritual beliefs that inspire hope for humanity’s spiritual rebirth and the shift from clashing civilizations to exchanging traditions. Numerous noteworthy initiatives and the presentation of pertinent international projects were highlights of the meeting.

The republic was visited for the first time by a representative delegation from Bollywood consisting of famous film actor, producer, TV presenter Suniel Shetty, film-director Shabbir Boxwala, singer and composer Rani Hazarika.Sheikh H. E. Salem Humaid Saif Humaid from the UAE and well-known Russian public and political figure Roman Khudyakov took the lead to organize the BRICS International Football League, host friendly games, and eventually hold a full-fledged BRICS football championship on behalf of BCMF.

Based on the Chechen Republic’s successful implementation of initiatives and productive experience, Yakutia businessman Albert Ignatiev came up with the idea to create a cultural, educational, and ethno-educational project “East-West-South-North” within the framework of BCMF. He also proposed that one of the BRICS forums be held in Yakutia, which is Russia’s largest and northernmost region. Speaking about the beginnings of the vibrant musical culture of Yakutia, Albert Ignatiev played a piece on a traditional harp during the forum’s last gala dinner. This put all of the attendees in an unfathomable state of artistic trance, particularly the delegates from Ethiopia, who confided openly that the vibrant ethno-event had caused them to feel the sacred vibrations of both the African and Eurasian continents. Africa has become one of the forum’s recurring themes since, as part of its hosting at the Grozny State Petroleum Technical University named after Academician M. D., Millionshchikov opened the House of Africa, which was attended by six ambassadors from African nations as well as the chairman of the Coordinating Council of the global network “House of Africa,” Konstantin Klimenko, the rector of the Eurasian International University. Furthermore, a true Russian patriot and Ghanaian rapper, Calem OG, gave a powerful statement during the forum. He recorded the BRICS alliance’s young song under the Lezginka label especially for the event in Grozny.

The International Russian-Islamic Forum for Reconstruction and Development, whose activities include issues of education, science, prevention of humanitarian disasters, preservation of spiritual traditions, rare languages and relics, as well as the use of artificial intelligence for humane purposes, was one of the forum’s most significant initiatives. It was created by Professor and Doctor of Sciences Sergey Shurygin. During a panel discussion on women’s leadership, public figure Ekaterina Velichkina made a wonderful suggestion that one should gauge the success of society’s progress not only by economic indicators but also by one’s level of neighborly kindness and service. Deputy Grozny Mayor Abdulreshid Zelimkhanov was chosen to represent the BCMF in the Chechen Republic.

Radik Ravilovich Shafigullin, Deputy Mayor of Kazan, gave a vivid presentation on the legendary city’s achievements and investment attractiveness, which will host the BRICS Global Summit in October 2024 with the participation of the alliance countries, on behalf of fraternal Tatarstan at the forum.

As a result, Grozny set the groundwork for the BRICS alliance’s strong ideological and spiritual foundation as well as for the development of a bridge for contact and exchange of ideas between it and Kazan. “The holding of the Spiritual Leadership and Creative Economy Forum in Grozny confirmed for all its participants the obvious truth about the mission of the BRICS alliance,” stated Sergey Dvoryanov, Director of International Communications at BCMF, in his farewell speech. This historical goal is to construct an alternative model of human civilizational growth based on the indisputable humanitarian precepts of all world faiths, and accounting for all the ethical, artistic, and spiritual experience amassed by history. And may God support us in this.

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