By – Aditi Gupta

Parineeti Chopra recently addressed why in Bollywood, favoritism is prized more highly than meritocracy.
Parineeeti Chopra has been winning awards for her role in Amar Singh Chamkila, directed by Imtiaz Ali. After facing several highs and lows in her career, Parineeti has come open about favouritism in Bollywood. The actor addressed “camps” in the Hindi film industry in a recent interview.

Parineeti Chopra talks up about ‘Bollywood camps’

Parineeti recently spoke about the shortage of employment opportunities. “I’m just saying that there are camps, circles, and favorites,” she added. I truly hope that this system is changed to one that is meritocratic because, given two equally skilled individuals who are capable of contributing in the same way, one will be privileged and the other will not, and one of them will miss out on employment opportunities. Thereby I am able to provide that talent and that similar amount, I also need to take pleasure in this opportunity and not let it pass me over because I’m single, I’m not in your club, or I’m not in your clique.”

Parineeti Chopra’s fan-appreciation post

Parineeti recently penned an Instagram post expressing her gratitude for the support she gained from fans and critics of the film. with the caption, “Curled up in my blanket.” I’m overwhelmed with your letters, phone calls, and movie critiques. (crying uncontrollably) “PARINEETI IS BACK.” These are really loud words. Had not considered this. Yes, I’m back, and I’m staying permanently.

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