Nitish Kumar created a new scandal on Sunday when he attacked his former boss Lalu Yadav and his “many children.” However, the family chose a loving response.
“These days, there are people who claim everything. When they were replaced, they appointed their spouses. Now it is their children. Ab paida ke bahut kar diya. “Itna zyaada paida karna chahiye kisi ko, baal baccha?” said Nitish Kumar, who was addressing an electoral rally in Katihar in favor of NDA Lok Sabha nominee Dulal Chandra Goswami.

While the Chief Minister did not mention anyone by name, his remarks appear to target Lalu Prasad’s family, which includes his wife Rabri Devi, who became the chief minister of Bihar when Prasad had to step down due to his conviction in the fodder scam.

Now they have involved their sons, daughters, and everyone. They keep saying something or other everywhere. They forget the old things, hence, I want to tell everyone that no work used to get done. People could not get out, there were no roads or education,” Mr Kumar added further.

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