By – Akanksha Raj

Karnataka Congress leaders have considered creating an economic alliance with southern states to ensure equal resource distribution from the Centre.

Karnataka Congress leaders are considering forming a forum for southern states that would function as a economic allianceto ensure equal distribution of resources from the Centre. This comes in the wake of Congress MP DK Suresh’s contentious declaration that southern states may be forced to demand a “separate nation” if the “injustice” in fund distribution persists.

On Sunday, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah accused the Central leadership of “injustice” by reducing tax devolution, resulting in a loss of over ₹45,000 crore to the state over the last four years.

In this light, those who are interested are coming together to consider the potential of joining a congregation. Basavaraj Rayareddi, CM Siddaramaiah’s economic advisor, told The Times of India that a plan to form a “Economic Alliance of Southern States” was in the works.

“The proposed forum’s goal is consistent with the concept of federalism, which guarantees all states equal rights and possibility. “The southern states need a strong platform because their voices are not being heard,” Rayareddi stated, as quoted by the publication.

The state’s Congress leaders have expressed deep dissatisfaction with Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s interim budget statement, and a demonstration is planned for Wednesday in the capital.

Neighbouring states Kerala and Telangana will also be expected to organize similar demonstrations in New Delhi in the coming days, according to reports.

Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar also addressed the subject, saying, “We must raise our voices now. There is no other option than to protest. We are even inviting BJP and JD(S) leaders to attend the Delhi protest. We are currently protesting on our own. “Future action will take its course.”

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