By – Prakarsh Kastwar

Champai Soren, Jharkhand’s transport minister, will be the state’s next chief minister.

Champai Soren, the transport minister of Jharkhand, was named the state’s new chief minister on Wednesday.

“We have picked Champai Soren to lead the Legislative Party. We came to the Raj Bhawan to seek that the Governor perform the oath ceremony,” Jharkhand Minister Banna Gupta told reporters outside the Raj Bhavan.

Congress MLA Rajesh Thakur stated, “CM Hemant Soren has decided to resign.” Champai Soren has been appointed as the Legislative Party’s new leader… “All MLAs are with us.”

“The CM is currently in ED custody. The CM went to the Governor with the ED team to tender his resignation… Champai Soren will become the new Chief Minister… We have sufficient numbers…” Mahua Maji, the JMM MP.

Champai Soren, who was involved in the push for a separate state of Jharkhand, was appointed after President Hemant Soren resigned amid reports of his detention by the Enforcement Directorate.

Soren filed a FIR against ED personnel.

High drama ensued in Ranchi, the state capital, as Soren was questioned by an ED official in the afternoon. Section 144 was placed around the now-former Chief Minister’s residence. The Jharkhand Mukti Morcha workers protested against the central agency.

“The chief minister has been continually harassed, notwithstanding his cooperation. He responded to ED questions on January 20. However, he was summoned again within a week. Isn’t this an intentional attempt to tarnish his reputation and the government?” A JMM supporter said.

Soren also filed a FIR against ED personnel for searches conducted at his Delhi home on Monday, according to sources.

According to the FIR, Soren claimed that the ED conducted the search to “harass and malign him and his entire community”.

“An FIR has been filed against some senior ED officials, and we received the application from the chief minister,” Ranchi Senior Superintendent of Police Chandan Kumar Sinha told PTI.

“My family members and I have suffered and experienced immense mental, psychological and emotional harm because of the acts committed…,” Soren wrote in the statement.

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