By – Shubhendra Singh Rajawat

The airline is looking for an alternate crew to operate the trip from Dhaka to Guwahati.

Today’s IndiGo flight from Guwahati was diverted due to inclement weather, which postponed its scheduled landing. IndiGo flight 6E 5319, its route from Mumbai to Guwahati, was forced to reroute to Dhaka, with passengers trapped inside venting on social media.

Similar severe weather hindered attempts to land at Kolkata, the next airport to the intended destination. The runway shutdown at Bhubaneswar airport complicated the diversion plan even further, reducing the available choices for IndiGo aircraft 6E 5319.

The airline is looking for an alternate crew to operate the trip from Dhaka to Guwahati.

“Due to bad weather in Guwahati, IndiGo flight 6E 5319 from Mumbai to Guwahati was diverted to Dhaka, Bangladesh.” An substitute crew is being sought to operate the flight from Dhaka to Guwahati due to operational issues. Passengers were kept up to date on developments and were provided refreshments on board. “We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience,” the airline said in a statement.

Former Mumbai Youth Congress head Suraj Singh Thakur, who was on his way to join the Congress’s Bharat Jodo Nyaya Yatra, which begins on January 14 in Imphal, said in a social media post that all passengers are trapped inside the plane in Bangladesh.

“I flew from Mumbai to Guwahati on @IndiGo6E flight 6E 5319.” However, due to strong fog, the flight was unable to land in Guwahati. It instead landed in Dhaka. “All of the passengers are now in Bangladesh without passports, and we are trapped inside the plane,” he posted on X.

“Stuck inside aircraft with 178 passengers for 9 hours now, flying 6E 5319 from Mumbai to Guwahati,” another passenger wrote. We landed in Dhaka about 4 a.m. due to poor visibility in the North East. We’ve been waiting for another crew for four hours; could you possibly expedite?”

IndiGo responded to the complaint, saying, “The flight was diverted due to bad weather, which is also beyond our control.” Our team is working hard to help the passengers to the best of their ability. We genuinely appreciate your understanding.”

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