By Shrishti Mehra

“We get a potato bar as a Christmas reward at workplace. As a bonus, I’m practically receiving a hospital potato,” a woman commented on X.

The Christmas bonus that a woman earned is the subject of a viral tweet on X. She wrote on social media that her employers had given her a baked potato. It came out that the item, which had a $15 worth, was taxable, she added.

“My job is doing a potato bar as our Christmas bonus. I’m literally getting a hospital potato as a bonus. They also said it has a $15 value so it will be taxed on our next check. Does anyone need an assistant so I can just quit right now?” an X user named Amanda B commented.

She clarified in a tweet on the thread that it was superior to the present she got the previous year. “Compared to last year’s 30-minute Wexbex with leaders as our present, this is an upgrade. Because they were too good to have to be in the exact same space with us the previous year, and because of that, it was a Webex, the woman tweeted.

She further claimed that the item she received this year was subject to taxation. She also published a photo to satisfy those who were curious regarding the gift’s appearance.

Check out this tweet regarding receiving a baked potato as a present:

Since it was shared a few days ago, the thread’s first tweet has gained a lot of attention. It has received over 2.7 million views so far. Users have also posted a variety of comments in response to the tweet.

What was the response of X users to this peculiar Christmas present?

“Simply locate a location where they genuinely value your diligence,” an X user said. “How is it considered a bonus if taxes are due on it?” inquired a different person. Just boiled potatoes? A third said, “I assumed there would at least be a selection of potato dishes. Amanda B. answered, “And they topped it for us so we didn’t go overboard,” in response. “Oh,” a fourth wrote. Oh my. Thankfully. I believe I could spend $15 on fifteen pounds of raw potatoes. It has nothing to do with the fact that you are a valued employee; I’m not sure what they are thinking.

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