Celebrity impersonation images and videos are going widespread on social media these days. Internet users are quite concerned about this. A photo of Sara Tendulkar and Shubhman Gill is making the rounds on the internet, shocking people with the extent to which this technology may be abused. The image has been altered to depict Sara Tendulkar cuddling Shubhman Gill, whereas the true image of Sara include her brother Arjun Tendulkar. On September 10th, Sara Tendulkar shared a photo of herself and her brother Arjun celebrating his birthday. Sara Tendulkar and Shubhman Gill have refuted the rumors of their romance.

Rashmika Mandanna recently shared a long comment on her viral AI deepfake video. The Union IT Ministry was compelled by this occurrence to initiate an investigation and make sure that they are reported on time. “The government of Narendra Modi is dedicated to protecting the security and confidence of every Digital Nagrik who uses the Internet. Platforms are legally required to make sure that no user posts false material, as per the IT regulations announced in April 2023.

It must be made sure that false information is taken down within 36 hours after being notified by the government or any user; Platforms that violate this will be subject to Rule 7 and may be sued in court by a party who feels wronged under the IPC’s provisions; The newest thing are deepfakes even more dangerous and damaging form of misinformation and needs to be dealt with by platforms”, tweeted the IT minister. 

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