The gala premiere of the Salman Khan-hosted “Bigg Boss 17” is scheduled for this evening, October 15. A teaser for the show has gone viral ahead of the eagerly anticipated debut. Isha Malviya and Abhishek Kumar, a rumored ex-couple, argue angrily in front of Salman Khan in a viral video. Salman was utterly astonished to see the two fighting based on their heated spat.

Salman Khan is set to host the October 15 launch of “Bigg Boss 17.” The announcement of this season’s famous candidates will make the premiere episode a blockbuster event. However, a marketing video for the show has gone viral as eager fans await the premiere night. An enormous fight between two rumored ex-couples who are competing in the program will take place on the premiere night.

Isha Malviya and Abhishek Kumar got into a heated argument on the show which left Salman Khan completely shocked. While their faces are not revealed, just going by their voices, it is very clear that the former couple on stage is Isha and Abhishek. Isha can be heard saying, “I don’t want you to return in my life again.” Seeing them fighting before entering the house, he said, ‘Baap re baap’ (Oh my good Lord). Netizens came up with hilarious reactions as they called it a PR stunt.

The ‘Udaariyaan’ star and crew had a friendly relationship during filming for the daily soap, in case you weren’t aware. They made numerous reels and spent the majority of their time on the sets together while they were collaborating. However, the two lost touch with one another after Abhishek’s abrupt departure.


‘Bigg Boss 17’ with Salman Khan as the host is one of the eagerly anticipated programs. This year’s contestant roster has added to the excitement around the event with new themes and twists. It was upsetting to see that actress and model Manasvi Mamgai had canceled the program prior to the grand launch.

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