By – Shubhendra Singh Rajawat

In Dream Girl 2, Ananya Panday was questioned about the considerable age difference between her and Ayushmann Khurrana. She said the following.

The next film featuring Ananya Panday will be Dream Girl 2, starring Ayushmann Khurrana. When asked about the 14-year age difference between her and Ayushmann during the film’s trailer debut yesterday, Ananya responded that it shouldn’t matter because age gaps have always existed in the movie industry. (Also read: Ayushmann Khurrana elevates his Pooja character in the Dream Girl 2 trailer. Watch)

About Dream Girl 2

Ayushmann is seen elevating his Pooja character in the Dream Girl 2 trailer. He’s not just speaking for Pooja this time; he’s also dressed like her. He has been observed poking and deceiving numerous men once more. In the trailer, Ananya is shown making out with Ayushmann’s male alter ego.

Ananya on Ayushmann’s difference in age

According to an ETimes story, when the 24-year-old was questioned about the 14-year age gap between herself and the 38-year-old Ayushmann at the trailer event, she responded, “I don’t think this is today’s issue. The age gap has always been present. Viewers shouldn’t focus on their age while watching the movie. It becomes a problem if they are fascinated with this aspect. It’s acceptable as long as the two actors are a good fit for their respective parts.

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